Wednesday, March 26, 2008


sweet avery blake is my nephew!!! little boy is tiny...he weighs 5lbs 10oz. he came into the world earlier than we expected. abbe had an emergency c-section a month before her due date on monday. it was scary, but we are so thankful both momma and baby are doing really well. please pray for healing for abbe's body from her c-section and for baby boy to stay healthy and eat well.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Introducing Cindy-Lou Browning & Seth Bookles!

Jourdan, Linde, and Sarah are not the only ones that make mischief in apartment 2002, there are other little friends that dwell among them as well. We would like to introduce you to Cindy-Lou Browning and Seth Bookles! Tah-dah!! Cindy-Lou Browning is our sweet little puggin that came to us by way of Linde's birthday bash back in October. She has a shiney coat, soft, searching eyes, porcelain skin, pristine morals, housebroken from birth, and she loves pink! She has been a delightful addition to our household and keeps watch over her flocks (that's us!) by night. Below are some pictures of Cindy-Lou (daughter of Linde, and niece of Jourdan and Sarah) in action and inaction.

Cindy napping...

Cindy was cold so Jourdan made her a fur pelt for the winter...

Cindy loves pink and she loves her dress from Uncle Brendan...

Cute hiney view :)

Now on to Seth. Sometimes mistaken as frightening and pinched looking, Seth Bookles arrived in our cozy habitat via Jojo's boss as a Kwanzaa gift. During the season of post-Christmas festivities, Seth graced our window and acted as the resident, Christmas/Kwanzaa fairy elf and he too kept watch over his flocks (that's us!) by night. After the holiday season, we took him out of the window and placed him in a drawer with the rest of the Christmas decorations. We soon learned, however, that Seth was not merely a Christmas ornament, he was a REAL little elfin man-child (don't act like you don't know what we're talking about) and he did NOT want to be in a drawer for 11 months out of the year. After learning this, we took Seth out of captivity and he now roams freely in our apartment. At one point, he made his residence peeking out of Sarah's underwear drawer but then he moved on to Jourdan's room and hung cheerfully from her fan, wooing her to sleep every night with his songs from the hit motion picture soundtrack "Elf." Recently, Seth left Jourdan a note informing her that the bright lights in her room were too much for him and he would be moving on in search of softer lighting. Sarah found Seth lounging in her room under an accent lamp. Sometimes Seth can be seen hitching a ride on the back of Cindy-Lou from Linde's room to the kitchen and back again. That Seth Bookles, he sure is a rascal! And if you don't believe us...well, up yours! Ha ha ha! Seriously though, the pictures do not lie, just see for yourself.

Seth did NOT enjoy his stay in the ornament drawer at ALL...

Where Seth stationed himself to sing Jourdan to sleep...

The note Seth left Jourdan on her bedside table informing her of his decision to change scenery...
We found Seth trying out a seat under the lamp in Sarah's room...

We love Cindy-Lou Browning and Seth Burbank Bookles (yep, that's his middle name) -- so much in fact that Sarah just today decided to home-school them since she has her teaching certification and the public school system may not be quite ready to handle their uniqueness just yet. From the sound of this post though, Sarah obviously needs to get a job.

Don't judge, just enjoy! Love you all!

Monday, February 25, 2008

These Days...

Hi. We apologize for a lack of blogetiquette. Your grace would be appreciated since we are quite virginal to the blogosphere. Here is an update for all of you who really wish Jo-Jo, Danger, and Lindor had a reality show that you could tune into every day my friends, one day.

Hi readers. We love each of you. Some perhaps more than others but love abounds. Well, we will start with tonight and work backwards. Jo-jo and I (Sarah) went on a brisk walk around the neighborhood. It was "blustery" as Jo-jo described, but we didn't get hit by any cars or trucks or that was cool. We made it home after 3 miles of exercise and chats about our lives, Jourdan's new song, boys (tee hee), and our menstrual cycles. Our tummies were squealing for attention so we opted for the taco soup leftovers since I was instructed to add more color to my diet the other day. Bazzle (that's jo-jo) was in charge of soup warming and in an effort to be efficient and satisfy our tummies sooner decided to put two largish bowls of soup in our pint sized microwave. While she was checking the soup warmth, she pulled one of the hot bowls out with her unprotected hands and spilled soup all over her hand and the counter. As Jourdan was washing her hand off and making sure she did not need to go to the burn unit at Parkland for a skin graft from her hiney, I was eyeing the mess on the counter and thinking about the best way to clean it up, but also wondering if we could salvage any of it. If you don't already know, the girls of apartment 2002 are about as unfancy as Dallas gets and are not afraid to eat spilled, counter-germ soup. So I asked Jourdan if we might be able to save it, she responded with a hearty "absolutely" and grabbed the nearest spoon off Linde's handy silverware tree --- yet another reason why we are besties (the reply, not the tree). Jo-Jo began scooping counter-germ soup into the half-filled bowl, while I tried to keep it from plopping off onto the floor. After salvaging as much off the top of the mess as possible, we decided to heat the bowls individually which turned out to be successful. Once our soups were warmed, we added the cheese and chips, sat down to eat, and enjoyed a dinner together whilst discussing boys (tee hee), how Jesus keeps showing up for us even in our weird stages, and of course our hormones and menstrual cylces and how far is really too far (tee hee). It was a good night and I didn't find even one stray hair or brownie crumb in my soup.

PS: Jourdan discovered a cut capo and became a rock star in an afternoon...seriously. Noe, a sweet small child-like creature, sang in the microphone at 121 community church yesterday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


well it was a good weekend around our place. brendon came in for a visit. sarah and jo jo went to passion and i got engaged....wahoooooo!

i don't think i can do the story justice, so i will just skip to the aftermath. basically, jeff pulled the ring box out of his pocket and i went into shock. at that point, we were sitting in the car. he said we had to get out for the next part. i don't remember much after that. he said he came around to my side of the car and had to unlock the door and unbuckle my seatbelt and stand me up so that he could get on his knee and ask. then when he got on his knee to ask, i just sat down on it. i said yes (or noded my head because nothing would come out of my mouth). jeff had arranged a huge party for us at a special friend's house. a party full of besties, parents, food and fun. it was great.

p.s. i realize we stink at the blog...gonna work on that
p.s.s i am so annoyed that i can't figure out how to post another pic with this entry

Monday, January 21, 2008

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Welcome to our blog.  We hope you like it here and are entertained by our rambles, mishaps, and adventures.  How about some tidbits that do not rhyme?  I thought you might say yes.  Here you go:


My name is Sarah, yeah.
Some call me danger, yeah.
I like piggies, yeah,
So check me out!

My name is JoJo, yeah.
I like to rock, yeah.
I laugh real loud, yeah.
So check me out!

My name is Linde, yeah.
Our pup is Cindy, yeah.
I am felicious, yeah.
So check me out!

Cha cha boochie, cha cha cha boochie, ROLL CALL!!

Now here is what we have to say about each other...
Danger Kitten's thoughts on Jo-Jo & Lindor:
Jo-Jo laughs at me the best, she is sometimes mistaken as my identical twin, and she sings like a beautiful little fairy princess...with some cool aggression mixed in.
Linde always asks me good questions about my relationships, she takes careful care of Trudy, Seth, and Cindy-Lou, and she paints like a beautiful fairy princess...with more creativity than a silly cartoon fairy mixed in.

Jo-Jo's thoughts on Danger and Lindor:
Danger K is my silly, smart and sexy sister who leaves sweet notes, interrupts my stories with the most ridiculous, yet hilarious comments, and writes like a brilliant mountain gnome with a lot of spice mixed in.
Linde is compassionate, wise and hilarious, has such a giving heart and beautiful creativity.  She loves to snuggle and have long talks on the bed.
I love my wonderful roomies.

Lindor's thoughts on Jo-Jo & Danger:
Danger is my favorite most likely to be on America's Next Top Model roommate.  She has starlicious style and a deep love for Tyra .  Sarah is a faithful one...full of trust and grounded in Truth.
Jo-Jo is my favorite most likely to be a famous singer roommate.  She is quick to listen and actively pursues Best.  
I love that these two have become fast friends who live life well.  Life is good in #two thousand two!